05.17.2015 – New “crowdrise” set up to help Jonathan – please read!

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Jonathan Bates, aka Big Black Delta, is a musical genius. Today he was robbed of almost everything he owns. (It’s a good thing you can’t steal true love.) Together, we can help him get it back.

On May 14th Jon went to retrieve a vacuum cleaner (yes) from his Public Storage space and found all of his belongings gone. With one crowbar he was robbed of 90% of his earthly possessions. All of his gear, his laptop, thousands of records, stage lights, all Big Black Delta merchandise, Fender Coronados, his rig, essentially everything he needs to put on a show…to make music.  

On the same day he came home, after dealing with the police at the storage unit, to find out that his identity was also stolen. 

This is where you come in. Jon doesn’t know we’re going to post this. He would never ask you for this kind of support, but we are. Insurance will cover only $2000.00 which is a small dent. Anything you can give will make a difference. We know there are all kinds of heartbreaking stories out there, and we are asking you to make a small (or donation of any size) to turn this one around. 

With your help he can buy back the gear it takes to make his living, to create the music that we know many people love. 

Thank you in advance for your generous hearts! 


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